Community Hall Rules & Regulations

The following are rules and regulations which are given to the lessee along with their contract:


Hours of Operation Under an Occasional Permit

OLD RULES (prior to July 1, 2011)
Cease Ticket Sales
12:45 am
Bar Closes 1:00 am
Tables Cleared 2:00 am

NEW RULES (as of July 1, 2011)
Cease Ticket Sales
1:45 am
Bar Closes 2:00 am
Tables Cleared 3:00 am

You do not have to adopt the new times if you do not wish to but the time you choose has to be the same as the one you apply for on your occasional permit. You cannot change your mind after the permit has been finalized.

Bar Operators

Two bar operators are required for any Occasional Permit (serving of alcohol) at the Glenboro Kinsmen Communityhall and it is the responsibility of the Lessee/permittee to contact their bartender of choice for their particular function.

Operators will be paid $50.00 ea. ($100.00/couple) and will be paid by the person(s) renting the hall as stated on the Hall Agreement.  This is for a 9:00pm to 1:00am shift.  Any time worked before or after that will be negotiated with the bartenders at the time of booking.

Payment is to be made before the end of the evening of the function.
(please ask for list of current bar tenders when booking the hall)

Social Function Review for Bartenders & Permittee

This review is to be completed by both parties at the hall before the function begins.

Bartenders:  Go over list with the individuals as to their responsibility and have them initial at the bottom.  Permittee is responsible for the operation of the function.

Check List Before and During the Social (responsibility of renter)

  • Insure that there are NO MINORS CONSUMING ALCOHOL.
  • Insure that the ENTRANCE & EXITS are not being used unnecessarily or are not blocked. (i.e. letting in individuals without tickets, drinks leaving or entering the hall, etc.)
  • Insure there is NO ROWDY BEHAVIOUR
  • CLEAN TABLES of empty glasses, beer cans, bottles, etc. two or three times through the evening.
  • LIQUOR TICKET SALES cease at 12:45 midnight. (new rules 1:45am)
  • BAR CLOSES AT 1:00 AM (new rules 2:00am)
  • DRINKS MUST BE OFF TABLES BY 2:00 AM (new rules 3:00 am)
  • No wax, corn meal, etc. is to be used on the floor unless you have written permission from the Hall Committee

Check List After the Social

  • TABLES ARE TO BE CLEANED & WIPED DOWN.  CHAIRS ARE TO BE PUT IN PILES OF 8 and moved to the back of the hall
  • ALL GARBAGE IS TO BE BAGGED AND PLACED IN TRASH BIN outside.  DO NOT LEAVE IN HALL OVERNIGHT.  This includes the kitchen, bar and washrooms.
  • Washrooms, kitchen, bar and hall area are to be swept and mopped of any spills.
  • Place chairs in piles of 8 and wheel to back part of the Hall.
  • Dance floor is to be SWEPT.  If dirty or messy, clean with WARM WATER ONLY.
  • CONCRETE FLOOR can be mopped with soap & water.
  • ALL LIQUOR & EMPTIES ARE TO BE REMOVED by the end of the evening.
  • If you wish to recycle, please bring your own bins and take them with you to empty in the recycle containers located on Railway Ave. beside the Village Maintenance Shed.

(Please Attach to Occasional Permit from Liquor Vendor)

 I/we further agree to abide with the following instructions:

  1. The Lessee accepts Full Responsibility for any damage that should occur during the period of the lease & agrees to make restitution for any such damage.
  2. The Lessor accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.
  3. Any liquor brought into, served and consumed shall be in accordance with the amounts and conditions of an Occasional Permit issued by the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission.  No other liquor is permitted into the hall.
  4. Admission to functions with liquor (Occasional Permit) must be by invitation only.  The general public are to be excluded.  Tickets/invitations are not to be sold or distributed in and around the hall.  Tickets may be reserved by individuals by contacting the Permittee and a reservation list may be composed with tickets held for the named individuals. (NO SELLING TICKETS AT THE DOOR)
  5. It is highly recommended by the Hall Committee to have a minimum of three names when applying for an Occasional Permit to share in the duties and responsibilities of the social function.
  6. No advertising of social occasions at which liquor is to be served is allowed without approval of the MLCC.  Advertisement of private functions such as anniversaries, retirements & charitable events may be allowed with written approval of the MLCC.
  7. Drunkenness or disorderly conduct is not allowed.
  8. Persons under the age of 18 years may attend but are not allowed to purchase, serve, possess or consume alcohol.  (It is highly recommended that social functions serving alcohol be restricted to persons 18 years of age and over.)
  9. The sale of liquor tickets will cease at 12:45 am (new rules 1:45 am) and the serving of liquor from the bar will cease at 1:00 am (new rules 2:00 am) unless otherwise stated; i.e. extended serving time as stated on the Occasional Permit.
  10. All liquor is to be cleared from the tables by 2:00 am (new rules 3:00am) unless otherwise stated on the permit as to the closing g time of the bar.
  11. Food service as stated on the application for an occasional permit must be provided in a quantity sufficient for the number of people attending and is to be included in the ticket price to guests.
  12. Two bar operators, hall committee members, or designates will act as hall representatives and will instruct the Lessee as to their responsibilities. (A checklist will be reviewed prior to the commencement of the function).  This is in addition to responsibilities as set out by the MLCC for the Occasional Permit.
  13. Bar operators will receive a fee of $50.00 each for a 4 hour shift. Example: 9:00pm – 1:00am  The fee for anytime worked before or after that time period is to be negotiated before the start of the shift and to be paid prior to the closing of the bar.  Only bar operators from the list provided by the hall will be allowed to serve alcohol unless consent is given prior to the social and the name(s) are given to the Hall Committee Chairman or the Hall booking agent.
  14. The premises will be subject to inspection by the hall committee, police & MLCC inspectors at any time.  Any violations of the conditions set out may result in the immediate vacating of the hall without refund to the Lessee.
  15. The Lessee is responsible for the removal of all liquor from the premises following a social function, including all empties.
  16. Permittee(s) will have reviewed all instructions & responsibilities as received from Liquor & Beer Vendors prior to the commencement of the function.
  17. The Lessee will refer to the “Cleanup Checklist” following the conclusion of the event.  Should the hall require additional cleaning as a result of neglect on the Lessee, an additional surcharge will be accessed as outlined on Schedule A.  Should there be any damages during or after the function, the Lessee will make restitution in full.


Should the hall, dance floor, washrooms, kitchen or congregating area near the bar require additional cleaning as a result of neglect at the time of cleanup by the Lessee, a minimum surcharge of $50 will be accessed by the hall to offset additional time spent by the hall caretaker.