Manitoba’s Roadmap to Expanding Services is a methodical, phased-in approach to reopening our economy.  The Green Team youth summer jobs program will be an important part of this roadmap to economic recovery.  The program will be providing funds for over 2,000 jobs across the province by supporting our community-based organizations as they work to rebuild our communities and ensure that they are thriving and sustainable.

Green Team jobs will engage youth in Manitoba’s economic recovery by providing the opportunity to gain critical work experience and support employers in delivering their services.  Getting our young people back to work while rebuilding our economy will help all Manitobans.

In order to participate in the Green Team funding program, organizations will have to comply with physical distancing requirements and practices for the pandemic as directed by the chief provincial public health officer. Organizations that cannot comply with public health orders will be invited to resubmit alternative work proposals to address the new requirements.

To further enhance our economic recovery, we are holding a second intake for Green Team.  I would like to encourage you to share this information with your local non-profit organizations that may not have had a chance to apply to the Green Team in the first intake.  For more information on the new program, please direct organizations here:  Deadline for applications is May 29, 2020 by 4:00 PM

– on behalf of your MLA Cliff Cullen,