Emergency Services

The Glenboro South Cypress Emergency Preparedness Committee

The Glenboro South Cypress Emergency Preparedness Committee was started in 2005 to meet a municipal requirement to have a committee in place to respond to a major emergency beyond the scope of the local first responders. It is to provide organization and training to handle such things as an emergency evacuation center to handle any displaced individuals requiring accommodation in a time of need or to assist in numerous things that arise in responding to a major incident such as providing additional security, transportation or coordination of resources. 

Our Emergency Operations Center or EOC is located in the fire hall and is the site of our registration for all those who may be displaced. Everyone who is evacuated from their residence is asked to please register at the EOC to be accounted for. This is also an important role of our Block Captain program. 

Our Committee is comprised of the following:
Coordinator – Garth McIntyre.
Adminstration – Tracy Rimmer, Connie Feader & Marilyn Cullen.
Social Services – Brenda Tosh, Cheryl Wytinck.
Security – Keith Anderson, Ron Langan
Resources – Eric Plaetinck, Kevin Sholdice
Public Relations – Andrew Mowatt
Telecommunications – Ken Campbell
Team Captains – Laurie Newton, Bruce Craig
*** If there is anyone interested in becoming a member please contact any of the above***

We will be on the Glenboro website and updates will be done as need arises. Any pertinent information such as tornado threat severe storms etc will be posted for your information. We would remind you to consult with your Spruce Lakes Emergency Quick Reference guide for a checklist for the emergency. If you do not have one they are available at the municipal office or the library. We will also use Facebook as another source for keeping the public informed!