The Burrough of the Gleann Museum

The Burrough of the Gleann Museum, operating under the umbrella of the Glenboro Community Development Corporation, had its grand opening on July 1st, 2000 in the building (1974) formerly owned by the Prairie Spirit (formerly Tiger Hills) School Division.

The board of directors and many volunteers have worked hard to support the museum.  The community has donated many antiques and memorabilia including, for example, Lyle & Margaret Lalonde’s donation of the 1980 Patricial Ladies Aid Centennial Quilt.

Summer hours:  Vary for months of July and August depending on funding received for a summer student.
If you need other assistance, please call 204-827-2575.

If you would like to visit the museum when they are not open, you can phone Myrtle Nichols at 204-827-3962 and she will be pleased to give you a tour.  A small portion of what you’ll see is shown below: