Senior Independent Services

“On the Road Again”

Tuesday, September 4th
Sipiweske Museum, Wawanesa, MB.
Lunch at Lucy’s, leave at 11:30.
Cost:  Handivan $10.00
Admission $5.00 plus lunch.

Please call the Seniors Independent Services Office at 204-827-2703.

Senior Independent Services

Municipality of Glenboro-South Cypress
Coordinator: Debbie Olsen
Box 639, Glenboro, MB, R0K 0X0
Phone: 204-827-2703 (please leave a message)
Office Location: 237 Broadway (Burrough of the Gleann Museum)

Senior Independent Services are intended to help seniors and disabled individuals continue living in their own homes, independently, with dignity, and without risk.  Services are provided by volunteers or at a reasonable rate.

Senior Independent Services can put you in touch with: Meals on Wheels, Lifeline, Consumer Information, Recreation Opportunities, and Support Groups.